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Mark Crawford

Senior Product Designer

Creating engaging digital experiences for over eight years—largely thanks to the intake of copious amounts of coffee. Collaborating closely with stakeholders and multidisciplinary teams. Driven by a love of design and user-centred design principles.

Industry Events

It's great to be involved in the design community, regularly attending industry conferences, keeping up with trends and building lasting relationships.

Product Conferences
UX/DX Conference, 2018/2019. Workshop: Jobs to be Done (Jay Haynes), October 2018. (Attendee)

Institute Designers Ireland (IDI) Events
Design Leaders Conference, November 2017. Are We Too Cheap – Pricing Design Services, June 2017. Valuing Design, February 2016. (Attendee)

Design Conferences
Offset Dublin, 2010 – 2018. KIKK Festival, Belgium 2017. Reasons To, Brighton 2017. DiBi London, 2016. IxDA Defuse, 2014 – 2017. Face Forward Typography Conference, Dublin 2015. (Attendee)

Frontend Development Conferences
Drupal Camp Dublin, 2012 – 2015. DiBi London, 2016. Smashing Conference, Oxford 2015. Drupal Con, Amsterdam 2014. (Attendee)

Workshop Facilitator
Drupal Camp Dublin, 2015 – Sketching & Paper Prototyping.
Swipe Summit Digital Marketing Conference, 2015 – Sketching & Paper Prototyping.